European Weekend Testing – 31 July 2010

The 29th European Weekend Testers session was very enjoyable.  We were testing an infuriating application on the website which is supposed to allow you to generate ideas and show connections between them.  To me it was very similar to mind mapping but with the added twist of incorporating social networking as well.

We had a great discussion afterwards which went slightly off-tack talking about testing conferences and the Software Testing Club (linked on the right).  What I think is great about Weekend Testing is that it joins together testers – and today a wannabe-tester – with a common purpose to test an application and we can all learn from each other and share our knowledge and experience.

Today’s chat transcript has been posted up at  It is well worth a read through.

I highly recommend that testers get involved with Weekend Testing if they have the time because it is a very rewarding couple of hours.  To get involved all you need to do is ping EuropeTesters on Skype at about 15:30 UTC on a Saturday.  If you are new it is a good idea to let the facilitators know you intend to join either by e-mail or tweet @europetesters.


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